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Ana is an architect and artist based in the United Kingdom. She is fascinated by nature, creating abstract landscapes that challenge the traditional definition of what landscapes can be, exploring them through the lenses of contemporary art.

Due to her love for architecture, art, and interior design, she believes in the synergetic relationship between her paintings and architectural spaces. Her signature textured borders bring a sculptural quality to the paintings that can elevate the space they inhabit. She is deeply fascinated by the surrealist cultural movement and her abstract landscapes give a subtle nod to this by featuring fantastical places, striking elements, and surprising colours.

By using a variety of mixed-media, textures, and imprints, every painting tells a story and capture a moment in time. Her abstract botanical paintings are inspired by nature walks in the British countryside and feature real imprints of botanical elements that leave their mark on paper for posterity.

AnaCoArt Landscape Artist UK Artist
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